Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Salata Mischwiya

This salat is made of fresh pepper and tomato. Its also quite simple and quick to do. Put the red pepper, one spicy chilli, an onion and tomatos in the oven for about 30min. After done cut away the strunks and seeds.

Put all into a blender. Just blend it for a second it shouldnt get too smooth. Cut garlic inside and caraway seeds. Then put it on a plate.

Squezze lemon over it and olive oil. Decorate with tuna, egg and olives. Bring it along with bread. (Work time 10min + 30min oven)

P.S.: If u wanna let it taste even better, peel the skin of the tomatoes and the pepper aftern taking out of the oven.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Young Salted Herring

Today I made a Herring salad with pumpernickel.

Its quite easy to do and very good when u are in a rush. 10min work time. The main ingredients are apple, cucumber and of course herring. You should squeeze some lemon over the apple otherwise it will turn dark. Not nice for to look at.

For the sauce I used yogurt, a spoon cream, Olive Oil and Apple vinegar.

So all in all its a light and healthy food. Enjoy at hot summerdays or when u dont wanna get stuffed.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Soul Food ... Music

Yesterday I was on my friends CD-Release Concert. If any one of you would like to listen. You can hear his song in the background of my Blog. Or just check here.

Under A Killing Moon

Its all in German so I should tell u when the side is open just click on the band name.


Didnt wrote for my last food so I will catch up to. The upper picture is coal fish with Aioli and zucchini. The fish will be prepared in the oven together with White wine. The Aioli is a kind of garlic mayonnaise.

This one is a vegetarian pepper steak together with zucchini, as u can guess the rest from the former one, with an Red Wine Mushroom sauce. On the red wine sauce I need to work on. It tasted delicious but look too purple. Its not something u can give to people only to friends.

The thick noodles are quite easy to do. Cook lasagne sheets and just cut it when they soft. Then finish to cook them.

The zucchinis are hold simple. Fried slowly in olive oil and flavoured with pepper and salt.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Look'n'Taste .. Taste'n'Look

Honestly today I think that I didnt got the point. The food didnt look good but tasted great. At least it was this way and not arround.

· Salad

We started with salad. Nothing special about this one. Just check before. Almost the same just no meat inside.

· Lasagne

This was a typical Italian dinner. You can put almost everything inside. Here was just with spinach, ground meat, tomato sauce and Bechamel.

· Poppy Pudding

Thas was a vanilla pudding mixed with poppies and apricots. Was first try. The Apricot sauce was not syrupy enough. So next time I need cool longer.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Arabic Coffee

Arabic coffee is a sweet and almost creamy littel shot. It is getting its flavour from grinded cardamom seeds.

It is very nice for to finish a good meal. Just grind the cardamom seeds and mix it with very fine grinded coffee beans and 2 tbsp sugar.

Cook until the water raise. Do that 3 times. Wait until the powder set down.

Then pour in a small cup. Serve very hot.

Goes good with pastry, e.g. Baklava.

If you dont like coffee take a tea.

Dijaj 'ala Timman

Today I made a Arabic chicken. Was really easy. Worktime 15min. Cooking time 1h. So wasnt too long to prepare. The chicken was stuffed with a delicious rice.

· Basmati rice
· Pines
· Walnuts
· Raisins
· Onion

For the flavour you take a so called Baharat-Mix. That is a mix of 8 different kinds of spices.

Like cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, coriander and nutmegs.

When u put into the oven take care that u pour during cooking time always a bit of the chicken stock over the chicken to get it very soft. Otherwise it dries out!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


This post is dedicated to Xtina. My Besta who try to explain me how much she love COCKBURN. Anybody of u know what that is? ... no? ... me either.

But hey Besta next time dont mix the company name with the product name. Maybe I wont get Cockburn for u but Porto should be ok as long its another label.

Take care .... your besto

Monday, February 20, 2006

Mousse Au Chocolat

Today I did it the first time a Mousse Au Chocolat. Never thought it will be so easy. But it was. And its so yummy and light. It took be just 20min to do and I am happy there is still so much. U just need some

· Eggs
· Chocco
· Espresso
· Cream
· Sugar
· Vanilla

The only thing I worry about is, there are raw eggs inside. So at least I did it now before the bird flu reach here. Right now the flu is still in North East Germany so I give a shit and let it relish.

Thats all ... for today.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Had just ate my dinner. Or whatever didnt eat lunch so how to call it. I recommand u to put cold sesame meat over ur salad really delicious and easy to be done. Mix small pieces of meat together with white sesame seeds and fry it. Put cold and done.

Creme Au Caramel

Couldnt Sleep tonight so I cooked. Its quite easy to do that and I just had everything at home.

· 8 tbsp sugar
· 0.5 liter milk
· 4 eggs
· Vanilla

Put 4 tbsp sugar with 2 tbsp water in a pot an make Caramel until brown. Put into a cup. Heat the oven to 225C and put a waterbath inside the oven. Bring the Milk with the vanilla, a bit salt and the rest sugar to cook. Mix the eggs and stir the hot milk under it. Put over the Caramel and then put it in the oven into the water bath for about 40min.

P.S.: I burned my damn finger for that food. But it was worth it.

Bad Chef

Today I went to a new style Thai restaurant with my sister and our parents. Dont know what they did today. I ate there already 4 times and it was perfect, but today I was so disapointed it was so tame.

· no spicy (even so she said it is)
· no taste
· didnt look nice

Did they use another meat? No idea. Doesnt matter it was anyway cool because we all were together and could talk. So that counts.

The day I also got two new cook books. One about daily cooking (left side) and another one about Arabian food (right side). The Arabian one I had before (gave it away) and it taste amazing so I am really happy I got it again. Will tell u more when I cook my first stuff from it.

By they way the left one teach how to do "Mousse au chocolat". It sucks that I am able to cook international food but even dont know to do a simple European dessert. But that will change now.

Saturday, February 18, 2006


It's already after 12PM so I should say yesterday evening my mom came to visit me and brought me some nice gifts. I am really happy about that because it's always good to have a good bootle of wine and home. Just dont know with who should I drink it.
She also gave me an Olive oil and a Balsamico vinegar, so my salad for the weekend is save.


· 3 tbsp olive oil
· 2 tbsp vinegar
· 1 tsp Sweet Mustard

· 1 Red onion rings
· 1 sliced garlic

· Pepper + Salt
· Fresh Herbs

Mixed all and put over the Salad you like ... Enjoy

Friday, February 17, 2006

Sushi Party

We had a really funny Sushi Party yesterday.

What should I say. Did anyone ever prepare Sushi for 12 people? All in all I had to do arround 200 pices of Sushi. So I was really happy that I got some support of 3 of my friends. Only bad thing was we had just 1 "Sushi-Prepare-Set" but it helps aready a lot when u got someone who prepare the stuff for you. All in all we used:

· 3kg rice
· 30 Nori-Sheets
· 1 box of Wasabi
· 1 Soya sauce
· 1 glass mayonnaise
· 1 box of ginger
· Carrots, Cucumber
· Meat, Fish ....


· 3 tsp Wasabi (or more)
· 1 glass mayonnaise

Mix all and smooth.