Thursday, March 30, 2006

It's Fish, no chicken

That was fish with coriander-seeds. Coriander fits very well to fresh-water fish. Just fry crushed garlic in very less oil, then add the shredded coriander and stir. Then put the fish inside and cook over low heat from both sides so that the fish is covered with the coriander. Squezze some lemon over it, add salt and pepper, done.
I served with rice, pees and tomatoes.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sliced Steak

Yeah long time I didnt wrote anything, but I found my cable. So the food I post right now I done a few days ago.

The Steak is quite simple, I dont think need to say anything about it. The Sauce is a red wine sauce. And the salad is a very famous German Salad (Nuessle) u get normally in the end of winter. For the dressing just use oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. There is no need for herbs or anything like that.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Heaven Returns

No one will be believe me that. But I found the ultimate perfect food here. I am missing already for about 1.5 years (since I am back from Taiwan). I found:
Stinky Tofu

I couldnt believe it but I bought it right away and cooked it for dinner. And guess what happen all complained I stinked the kitchen. But I couldnt smell anything.

Nothing Changed

Yeah sorry for everyone looking here. Still no new pictures. But I didnt found my cable yet, so I thought I will just write and post the pictures later.

I got a new book 2 days ago. Yeah right a cook book. Its about modern Japanese daily cooking. So its kind of usfull and u dont need to eat all the time sushi. The recipies are perfect for here because besides the original stuff they also write inside what u can buy instead here in Germany for to get the same taste.

As all can imagine I just did something right away out of it. A carrot salad with tuna. That was really easy and is done in about 5min. Just slice the carrots into sticks. But oil, garlic and onions and mix well. Put covered in the microwave for about 2min. Mix together with tuna and make a sauce from vinegar, mustard, salt and pepper. Let it rest and imbibe for a few minutes thats it.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Allah and the vinegar

I got asked before if vinegar is always made of wine. Ok sure not everyone is made of wine, but everyone is made from alcohol.

So no wonder you cant find any kind of vinegar sauce for salad in the arabic kitchen. As I wrote before in the "Fattousch Article". But who cares, the arabic food got a very good spice called "SUMAC" its also a bit sour and goes very well with lemon.

After talking with my Indonesian friend today about the possibility for muslims to eat food that is cooked in wine. I got the clear answer it wouldnt be aloud, even so the wine would be cooked so long that no alcohol will be inside anymore. So that would mean vinegar maybe also forbidden for muslims. So if anyone out there will have muslim friends for dinner. Respect culture and use lemon instead, then u wont do a mistake.

For those who wanna know more about vinegar check at "Wikipedia".

Damn my camera

or better my camera USB-Cable. I cant find it. So it will take some time I will upload new food pictures. Even so I cooked a lot recently.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Java Curry ... really?

After I've been at my friends place. I went to the city and bought some Curry. I used that one before and its really easy and fast to be done.

You just fry:

· Meat
· Carrots
· Potatoes
· Onions

Add water and simmer for about 20min. Then you add that seasoning and keep it for 20min more.

I ate with rice. The Curry was delicious but the rice taste like shit. Was just a really cheap one from the store. That comes inside a bag so its really easy to cook. Just throw the bag in water. But it also tasted like that.

Berry Cake

The day before yesterday I stayed in a friends house for to study.

He explained me some stuff about mechanics. Was really effective. So I thought I will make him and his wife a cake,

Honestly I know nobody who doesnt like this one. The bottom is made of fresh bitter chocolate and can be done a day before. Just before you eat, but the mascarpone cream on top and decorate with berries.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Comes from Syria and can be called a "Bread Salad".

The most Arabian salads I know use lemon instead of vinegar. Maybe because vinegar is made of wine. For days like now fresh lemon is really good to get the missing vitamins.

The bread will be fried with oil in a pan. Then after cool down and put it inside let it soak up the salad sauce for a few minutes to give it a better taste.

Just make sure you will use pita. Other bread wont work on it.