Thursday, April 06, 2006

Salmon Noodles

Recently I made some Salmon Noodles also typical food for busy study time because just cost you a few minutes to do.

· Fresh Salmon
· Leek
· Dry white wine
· Cream
· Salt n Pepper
· Red Pepper
· Noodles

I recommand u to use green ribbon noodles. It taste better with them then with spagetti.

Just stir the salmon in olive oil, when done add the leek stir for a few minutes and put salt and pepper over it. Add the wine and wait until reduce a bit. Then mix the cream under it. Put the noodles inside and stir all up.
After put on the plate strew the red (whole) pepper seeds over it.

Red pepper or Rose Pepper have an almost sweet, but not hot, unique taste character. I can even eat it pure.