Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Running Dinner

Just before I went to Taiwan we had an event called "Rudi Rockt". Its something you meet 12 totally new people and cook for them.

The fun thing is you either in charge of the starter, main course or the dessert. Then 4 people are coming and visit you for the dish you made. After that you going to two other couples and see what they have cooked. When all is done there is a After-Dinner party.

So my friend Lester and me made some hand-made Japanese Ramen noodles. You can see them soon here when I prepared the pictures at home. So we were in charge of the starter. After that we had a Chinese vegetables with noodles was also pretty good especially the vegetables werent over cooked. (Thx for you both who did that) The last course we had at a Russian Mathematics who did a very good cake with his friend.

The only bad thing was, that I forgot my camera at the peoples house who made the main course so I couldnt take pictures of the cake.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sorry for not writing right now ...

Sorry I am in Taiwan right now for holidays and friends. I will write soon more when I am back home. Got already some new cookbooks ...